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Archaeological Monitoring and Protection Group
24 May 2022

The Department of Conservation Archaeology was established by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute dated December 23, 2021 (Protocol No. 9), and began its functioning in 2022.

The first rescue archaeological expedition was organized in the USSR back in 1929. In Kazakhstan, they started working since the 1930s (work at the Gigant collective farm in the Karagandy region), interrupted by the Great Patriotic War, large new construction works were resumed in the 50s-80s (works in the areas of flooding of reservoirs of Bukhtarminskaya, Shulbinskaya hydroelectric power station on the Irtysh, Ili, etc.) the department of rescue expeditions as an independent division of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology was organized only in the late 1980s. It was led by B. Nurmukhambetov, and then by the Candidate of Historical Sciences L. Yerzakovich. For a number of reasons, the department was disestablished in 1994 and revived on a new basis only in 2022.

In their scientific work, employees of the department use computer methods of recording and processing material, create databases and data banks. In its activities, the Department is guided by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Science" dated February 18, 2011 No. 407-IV, "On the protection and use of objects of historical and cultural heritage" dated December 26, 2019 No. 288-VI LRK, Regulatory legal documents in the field of science, education and culture, the Charter of the Institute, Decisions of the Academic Council, the orders of the Director General and the Regulations of the Department of Conservation Archaeology.

Department employees:

1. Mamedov Aslan - Head of the Department

2. Sundetov Kalybek

3. Amantaev Nauryzbek

4. Mamirov Kairat

The purpose of the Department is to carry out scientific research of archaeological monuments and other objects of historical and cultural heritage within its competence, to ensure the implementation of measures, the most important of which are to ensure the preservation of objects of historical and cultural heritage during the development of territories and security and rescue work on archaeological monuments.

The tasks of the Department are:

- development and implementation of plans for the main areas of research in the field of monitoring and conservation archaeology;

- participation in the development of programs of authorized and local executive bodies in the field of identification, accounting, preservation, study and monitoring of the state of objects of historical and cultural heritage;

- identification of objects of historical and cultural heritage during the development of the territory allocated for development for economic purposes;

- conducting historical and cultural expertise on historical and cultural monuments;

- carrying out scientific research, including security rescue operations on archaeological monuments;

- creation of a database of monuments, development and mapping of archaeological monuments;

- conducting research of monuments and compiling district lists, accounting and security documentation of historical and cultural monuments;

- preparation of materials on historical and cultural heritage, including a set of historical and cultural monuments in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and cities of republican significance.

Projects within the framework of program-targeted financing, in which the department's employees have participated over the past 5 years:

PTF 2022-2023 "Cultural genesis in the Kazakh steppes: new paradigms of problems of studying the continuity of material and spiritual heritage according to archaeological sources". Headed by A. Onggar.