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Editorial and Information Department
24 May 2022

The Editorial and Information Department as an independent division was created by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute dated December 23, 2021 (Protocol No. 9), it began functioning in 2022. Prior to that, some of the department's employees were part of the "Department of Archaeology of the Stone and Paleometal Epoch".
The Department performs a variety of work related to the use of information technology in the research and applied activities of the Institute, as well as publishing.

The Department carries out prepress preparation of books and journals, registration of output information, assignment of ISBN numbers and DOI identifiers. Only part of the work of the publishing cycle is carried out for the subsequent transfer of books to third-party publishers. This makes it possible to optimally organize the entire editorial and publishing process, taking into account the personnel potential of the department and the specifics of archaeological publications, especially their illustrative part. The department is responsible for monitoring the publishing and printing quality of the Institute's books published by various publishing houses and printing houses.

A significant part of the department's work is focused on the use of information technologies: the preparation of electronic versions of books, the development of the website of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology and their online publishing. Participation in the development of databases related to the preservation of archaeological heritage, publishing, library and archival work at the Margulan Institute of Archaeology, monitoring of bibliographic and scientometric materials of the Institute and staff in the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.ru (supporting the Russian Science Citation Index), other databases and indexes on the Internet, digital photography, digitization of materials.

The research staff of the Department participates in the development of collective planning topics, in grant research, fieldwork and other areas of the Institute's research work.

Department employees:
Head of the department - Zhuniskhanov A.S.
Leading Researcher - Manapova A.M.
Senior Researcher - PhD Aitbayeva A.
Russian text editor - Aidarbekova A.B.
English-Russian translator - Shayakhmetova Ya.S.
Designer - Kuznetsova-Nikolova O.V.
Designer - Ismailova A.
Laboratory assistant - Bekzhanov O.

The purpose of the Department is prepress preparation of books and journals of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology of the CS of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The tasks of the Department are:
- editorial work on preparation for publication and layout of the Institute's publications;
- scientific and technical editing of texts, bibliography design;
- computer and manual processing of illustrations;
- design development, layout and preparation of original layouts;
- book cover design;
- informing the public in the media and social networks about the activities of the institute, to promote activities for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage;
- development of proposals and plan for media coverage of the Institute's events.