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Scientific Library of the Institute of Archaeology. OH. Margulan

The Scientific Library of the Institute of Archaeology is a professional book collection in the field of archaeology and related disciplines. The library collection consists mainly of literature on the archaeology of Kazakhstan and the USSR of the 19th–21st centuries. The library is also equipped with literature on foreign archaeology and art from ancient times, including ethnographic time. Currently, the library has two staff members. The foundation of the scientific library dates back to 1991, when the Margulan Institute of Archaeology was established. The library is completed as a result of the transfer of personal collections by employees, gifts from "friends" of the Institute and exchange. To date, the library fund consists of two parts: paper, numbering 5,479 titles, and electronic, numbering 5,369 titles of various publications, which also includes periodicals. Some of them represent scientific literature in foreign languages (526 units).

At the beginning of 2023, the Institute library numbered over 10,000 books and is constantly increasing. The fund of the Institute is divided into books and brochures and journals. In addition, it has 279 issues of the "Proceedings of the Moscow Archaeological Society" (1865-1935).
The library stores rare editions of the 19th century, as well as autographed books by many famous archaeologists and historians. The collection contains books from the personal libraries of A. Margulan, A. Maksimova, K. Akishev, K. Baipakov, etc.

In recent years, the library has been replenished at the expense of the Institute's book exchange with other archaeological institutions, as well as gifts from various individuals (about 50 units per year).

The library has alphabetical and systematic catalogues and bibliographic card files. The main bibliographic files contain articles on archaeology, history and related disciplines in Russian, Kazakh, European and some Asian languages. 

Electronic versions of books and journals of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology, as well as some publications prepared in other institutions, are stored in the Electronic Library of the Institute. In parallel with the placement of the newest publications (since 2015), work is constantly underway to digitize publications of previous years, primarily inaccessible old publications. To date, the files of the series have been fully digitized – "Proceedings of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR", "Results of research on the Madinie Mura program", issues of the Bulletin and News of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR and NAS RK, collections of "Margulan readings" are being added. Some of these publications are on display on the Institute's website. For others, you can contact the library by e-mail.

Head of the library – Agadilova Elena  
Phone numbers: 
E-mail: BiblioIAKaz@mail.ru
Working hours: Monday-Friday – 9:00-18:00