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Council of Young Scientists

The Council of Young Scientists of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology is a voluntary, self-governing association of employees of structural divisions under the age of 39, created to protect their interests, promote and implement the creative scientific activity of young scientists.
The purpose of the Council is to attract young scientists, employees of the structural divisions of the Institute to address issues of the development of archaeological science, the scientific potential of the Institute, to express the interests of the Council members, and to support their activities in research and social work.

The tasks of the Council are:
1. Combining the efforts of young scientists to solve urgent scientific problems and priority scientific tasks;
2. Activation of the research work of young scientists through a system of specially organized events (student conferences, summer schools, experience exchange programs, scientific internships, government programs for young scientists, etc.);
3. Promotion of the professional growth of the scientific youth of the scientific organization, the active participation of young scientists in fundamental and applied research;
4. Formation and expansion of a network of contacts with youth organizations of other scientific institutions, higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and countries of the near and far abroad;
5. Carrying out work to inform young scientists about scientific research and events conducted by Kazakhstani and foreign organizations;
6. Performing the role of a representative body and protecting the rights of scientific youth in the academic council and the administration of the organization, as well as in state bodies and public organizations, expressing the views of scientific youth on various aspects of professional activity and social and living conditions;
7. Organization and holding of periodic scientific conferences of young scientists of the Institute (Akhinzhanov readings);
8. Organization and promotion of scientific conferences, scientific and practical seminars, round tables of the Institute.

The Council members
The composition of the Council is formed from the number of employees of the structural divisions of the Institute, graduate students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the Institute who have not reached 40 years of age, participating in it on the principle of voluntariness.
Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists – Shagirbaev Mambet.
Technical Support: Akhiarov Islam Kizametdinovich, Dzhumanazarov Nurlan, Kuandyk Samrat;
Information Support: Nurgali Nesipbai, Zhambulatov Kayrat Abaevich;
Editorial Team: Kaldybayeva Gaukhar, Suindikva Makpal, Zhanuzak Ramazan, Shayakhmetova Yana.
In total, the Council of Young Scientists includes 36 people, out of which 6 individuals hold a candidate of sciences or Ph.D. degree.

Council activities in 2022:
In 2022, members of the Council took an active part in organizing and conducting image-building events of IA, such as:
1. International Scientific and Practical Conference "Margulan Readings-2022" (April 12-13, 2022);
2. International Scientific Conference of students and young scientists "Akhinzhanov readings-2022" (April 20-21, 2022);
3. International Conference – Field Seminar "At the junction of Europe and Asia (Stone Age cultures of Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan and Central Asia)" (September 26-29, 2022);
4. V International Congress of Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes" (Turkistan, Kazakhstan) (October 11-14, 2022).

During 2022, Council members completed scientific and educational internships in leading scientific organizations of the CIS and far abroad:
1. Shagirbayev M. – Scientific internship within the framework of the Bolashak program (Institute of Plants, Ecology and Animals of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Paleoecology Laboratory, Yekaterinburg, Russia);
2. Kaldybayeva G.– Scientific and educational internship under the program "Integration of science and education" (IHWC RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia);
3. Sargizova G. – Scientific and educational internship under the program "Integration of science and education" and "Bolashak" (University of Exeter, Exeter, UK);
4. Zhanuzak R. – Scientific and educational internship in the framework of postgraduate studies (Volga-Ural Center for Paleoanthropological Research, SSSPU, Samara, Russia);
5. Akkalieva A. – Scientific and educational internship as part of the Master's degree program at Al-Farabi KazNU (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia);
6. Within the framework of cooperation with the International Fund of CIS Member States, on August 20-27, 2022, Council members (Mussayeva R., Shagirbayev M., Suyundikova M., Kuandyk S.) took part in the work of the summer archaeological school in Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan. The summer school was held on the territory of the ancient agricultural settlement of Sarazm and the Ancient settlement of Penjikent in the city of Penjikent, included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List;
7. Loshakova T., Kasenova A. and Mussayeva R. took part in the International Summer Archaeological School "Archaeological artifacts in the context of cultural heritage", December 18-24, 2022 (Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Cholpan-Ata).

Council members conducted trainings and seminars for young IA employees in 2022, such as:
1. Training on the methodology of fixing the process of archaeological excavations using a tacheometer (Kazizov E., Kazizova A.);
2. Training on the topic "The use of archaeozoological methods in archaeology" (Shagirbayev M.)