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Scientific and experimental building

The Margulan Institute of Archaeology has a scientific and experimental building in the village Shaulder (Turkestan region).

The history of the study of the settlement of Otrar is associated with a number of famous Soviet and Kazakh archaeologists. During the implementation of the UNESCO project "Preservation and Restoration of the ancient settlement of Otrar" (2001-2004), a scientific experimental building was built with UNESCO funds in 2002. Since the completion of the project in 2004, for a number of years, the Institute of Archaeology has been conducting research of the Otrar settlement within the framework of the state program "Cultural Heritage", "Historical Geography of Otrar and the Otrar Oasis (2006-2007), "Study of irrigation of the Otrar Oasis" (2007-2008), etc. In 2009, the building was transferred to the balance sheet of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology.

The building is located at Shaulder village, Kazybek bi str. 18. It has 18 premises designed for the residence of researchers and research, a dining room and kitchen, an inner courtyard and a land plot adjacent to the north with an area of 20 ares.