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Раскопки Костанайской археологической экспедиции
15 Nov 2023

As part of the implementation of tasks under the grant funding project of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field season of 2023, the Kostanay archaeological expedition of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology conducted excavations near the town of Jitiqara. There were excavated two kurgans at Besoba-3 and Karatobe-3 archaeological sites. The first stage of research was completed on ‘mustached’ kurgan No. 2 of the Besoba-3 burial ground: the humus was removed, including the clearing of stone ridges, the length of which is about 60 m. The Karatobe-3 burial ground consists of three kurgans with a diameter of about 20 m. Kurgan No. 2 has been studied through excavations. During the research, it was revealed that this object is a certain complex, the central place in which belongs to the burial of a woman. Two more burials studied during the excavations are located on the periphery of the kurgan. Stratigraphic observations reveal the complex nature of the burial structure, the construction of which was built of stone, wood and clay. Presumably, based on a study of the structure of the funeral and memorial structure, the identified burial ritual and a comparative typological analysis of the accompanying object complex, the kurgan dates back to the 4th century BCE, i.e. the Sarmatian era. The chronological framework of the ‘mustached’ kurgan will be known after the completion of excavations and analysis. At this stage of research, it can preliminarily be dated to the Hunno-Sarmatian period. In addition, prospecting and exploration work was carried out aimed at identifying monuments of historical and cultural heritage.