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Altai Archaeological Team
10 Jul 2024

From June 1 to 30, 2024, the Altai Archaeological Team, led by PhD A. Aitkali, continued their research on early and medieval nomadic monuments near the village of Akkainar (Chernovoe) in the Katon-Karagay district of the East Kazakhstan region.

During this field season, five burial structures were examined. Despite the fragmented nature of the research objects, the investigations yielded interesting archaeological material. Based on the data obtained regarding the burial rites, assemblages of items, and structural features, one burial can tentatively be dated to the second half of the 1st millennium BCE and attributed to the Pazyryk ethno-cultural community, while the others are from the early medieval period.

The work was conducted as part of the East Kazakhstan Regional Administration's project "Altai-Tarbagatai from the Bronze Age to the Early Middle Ages," focusing on "Funerary and Memorial Monuments of the Ancient Turkic Era."