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31 Jan 2024

We invite you to take part in the annual International Scientific and Practical conference "Margulan Readings - 2024" dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Academician A. Kh. Margulan. The conference is scheduled to take place on May 23–25, 2024.

Directions of work of the conference:
•    Academician A.Kh. Margulan and his contribution to the formation and development of science in Kazakhstan;
•    Research of historical and cultural heritage sites: new materials and their approbation based on the results of field surveys in 2023;
•    Current problems and prospects of studying monuments of the Stone Age;
•    The Era of early Metal: problems of periodization and cultural identification of complexes;
•    Early nomads in the Eurasian cultural space;
•    Medieval Archaeology: the City and the Steppe civilization;
•    Multidisciplinary approaches in archaeological research: traditional methodology and modern technologies;
•    Ethnoarchaeological studies of ancient and traditional societies;
•    Archaeological sites of Kazakhstan: Issues of Preservation, Restoration, and Utilization of Historical and Cultural Heritage.

Working languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian, English.

The format of the conference allows for the presentation and discussion of reports concerning the outcomes of archaeological field research carried out in both 2024 and preceding years, with the materials of which there is a need and desire to familiarize the scientific community. In addition, reports on the application of new methods of study, interdisciplinary research of archaeological monuments, their protection and use in various fields of scientific and cultural life are of interest.
As part of the conference, a visiting session is scheduled to the small homeland of Academician A.Kh. Margulan with a visit to the archaeological sites of the Bayanaul State National Natural Park.

Application deadline for inclusion in the conference program: March 1, 2024.
Deadline for submitting articles for inclusion in the conference proceedings: April 1, 2024.
Applications and articles are accepted by email at: margulan_conf@archeo.kz.
We kindly request you to carefully review the section "Requirements for the Article Texts formatting".

Address of the Conference Organizing Committee:
140000, Pavlodar, Olzhabai Batyr Street, building 60, Institute of Archaeological Research of Pavlodar Pedagogical University named after A. Kh. Margulan.
050010, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Dostyk Ave., 44, Margulan Institute of Archaeology CS MSHE RK.

For organizational issues, you can contact the following contact persons:
Smagulov Timur, +7 705 986 8116
Abeuova Enlik, +7 705 707 40 82
Tazhekeev Azilkhan, +7 707 250 04 95
Loshakova Tatyana, +7 777 564 63 24

You can view the collections of "Margulan Readings" for previous years on the website of the Margulan Institute of Archaeology. URL: https://archeo.kz/ru/library/marlan-oulary/

for the participant of the scientific and practical conference "Margulan readings – 2024"

1.    Full name of the author;
2.    Country, city;
3.    Place of work;
4.    Position;
5.    Academic degree, title;
6.    Title of the report;
7.    E-mail, contact phone
8.    Conference participation form: in-person presentation, online presentation;
9.    Presentation form of the report and the necessary technical means.

Reports in co-authorship are submitted by one application and the data are reflected in it sequentially separated by semicolons; if the information is repeated (for example, country and/or city, place of work, postal address, etc.), then they do not need to be duplicated.
The editorial board reserves the right to select materials for publication.

for an attendee of the scientific and practical conference "Margulan readings – 2024"

1.    Full name of the author;
2.    Country, city;
3.    Place of work;
4.    Position;
5.    Academic degree, title;
6.    E-mail, contact phone;
7.    Conference participation form: attendee status.